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Kevin Powell

love/a many splintered thing

for Karla P.

by Kevin Powell

i have this need to feel you
make love out of the sweat
itching our palms give
you to your mother so that she
can give birth to you create an
ocean where love sleeps peacefully
eat out of the same bed we flesh
orgasms scream where cobwebs
imprison courage cry where
your tears gripped my shoulders wrap
my tongue around your waist and
lick the rhythms of your walk
talk until a beat hits me where
it hits me where it hits me
in the space where my heart
used to be you know it's
blank now dark black no
commercials open land
waiting to be folded and smoothed
out like the note i slipped you yesterday
that said you are me am you we are
do not be afraid i want to
help you help me love a
many splintered thing i felt
yes his tongue slit my heart
as it parted your mouth
and i wanted to die yeah
rope myself with my naiveté
drink reflection: share a walk on
lenox avenue with a friend who
gets high on pain two many times
we step on our eyelids and miss
the chance to l(i)ove the chance
to slide open a cloud with a kiss
when will trust not be for sale a
gun between the thighs a middle
finger aimed at the hungry a wish
stuffed inside two bodies crawling
on their tails scraping the bottom
of a dream


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